Do you want to know more about the mysterious Ladin people?
The Ladin Museum of Fassa is located in Vigo and we highly recommend that you pay it a visit. Here you can visit the ethnographic collections of the Istitut Cultural Ladin, fruit of the long, detailed research carried out on the Ladin culture. An extremely interesting journey into the history of the Ladin community, from the prehistoric to the modern day period, through a large number of material remains.
There are other museums with local sections spread throughout the valley to form a true ethnographic itinerary that will allow you to become familiar with the Ladin culture.

Are you interested in minerals?
The Monzoni Mineralogical Museum stands tall in Vigo as the most complete private collection of minerals, comprising over 200 varieties of stones and rocks with odd names from various areas of the Dolomites. A very interesting experience that comprehensively documents the minerals which form our marvellous mountains, it also features many workshops for children.

Have you ever seen a malga?
Malgas are very simple structures made of stone and wood, used to shelter cattle in the summer. They are crucial elements for effectively managing mountain life. The Fassa Valley contains many of them.
When visiting a malga you can see how milk is processed, buy some of the local products or taste freshly-made cheese and freshly-cut smoked ham.

The Thermal baths of Pozza
The Dolomia Thermal Centre is located in Pozza di Fassa. Thanks to the water that supplies these thermal baths, you can undergo many medical treatments or aesthetic treatments that aim to enhance the beauty and wellness of your body, surrounded by the extraordinary scenery of the Dolomites that enhances the benefits of these waters.

IMG_0883-2Lake Carezza
At around 12 kilometres from Vigo you will find Lake Carezza, a wonderful Alpine lake also known as the Rainbow Lake due to the fantastic play of colours that forms on the surface of its waters. The lake is not fed by rivers but by underground springs that descend from the peaks of the Latemar. If you would like to spend a day in peaceful surroundings, we recommend a stroll around the lake. Nearby you can find the famous Carezza Golf Club, a 9-hole course immerged in breathtaking countryside.

Paneveggio Natural Park
Half an hour’s drive away from Vigo you will find the Paneveggio Natural Park, a highly naturalistic protected area with a wide range of plants and animals that includes all the most important Alpine species. Many excursions are organized each day in the park, each one an unforgettable experience for city-dwellers who are not used to the colours, scent and rhythms of the mountains. We recommend the ethnographic pathway of the Vanoi, a series of routes that depart from Caoria, ascending 1879 metres to the Vesnòta malga across countryside that was almost constantly inhabited by man in the past, but which is now mostly abandoned.

The Sanctuary of Pietralba
The Sanctuary of Pietralba is located at 40 kilometres from our hotel. It is one of the most important religious pilgrimage destinations in Trentino Alto Adige, at a good 1520 metres in height between the towns of Nova Ponente and Monte San Pietro. The sanctuary dates back to 1553 when a local farmer, a certain Leonhard Weißensteiner, found a statue in alabaster depicting the Pietà. The Virgin Mary had appeared to the man and cured him of his illness. To thank her, she asked him to have a Church built there where her followers could praise her.

And if you feel like taking the car, we recommend:

  • a day of shopping in Bolzano (around 40 minutes)
  • a visit to Merano and a stopover at the city thermal baths (around 1 hour)
  • a trip to Trento, our capital, with its Piazza Duomo and the Buonconsiglio Castle (around 1 hour)
  • a visit to Rovereto and to the MART, the museum of modern art
  • at less than a 2-hour drive away, Innsbruck, the fifth largest city in Austria and the capital of the county of Tyrol, is also worth a visit.