Our Rooms

For all the 360° landscape lovers, our rooms offer a stunning view from each balcony. If you’re into the long exposure photography, you met like Cima Dodici with the Milky Way.

– Cambre de Len
which in Ladin means Wooden Rooms. Entirely made out of wood, this suites embody what is our idea of green holiday. You wont find any allergene nor allergic glue or paint, since they were built under geo – bio criteria and this is our main propose of growth. The most important thing is in the walls where you cant see it. That’s the electric system, which is made in a way to avoid any kind of electromagnetic damage to our body and mind.
– Vael is the biggest one 23m2 with the bathtub facing towards Vael Mountain and its the most scenographic one, with big tree that is 200 years old.
– Ciampedie is the central one, the one with the Vista on Catinaccio group, perfect for a blue hour shot.
– Buffaure is the one to the right, it spreads open on Sen Jan Church and the Buffaure group, which in the ancient time was a volcano, thats why its bold and the rocks are black.

– Comfort Room
located in the comfiest part of the hotel, our comfort rooms are perfect for quiet and autonomous holiday lovers. On the same floor you can find the late night entrance, and most of our historical photos, its your holiday.

– Panorama Room
waking up away from the noise and the traffic of the center Is the key to every holiday, so that once you opened your eyes you could wake up to the sun rising above Buffaure or the sunset with its Enrosadira above Catinaccio Mountains.