History and Heritage Al Piccolo Bio Hotel

It all began in the 60’s with a dream, and a Vespa.

As the years passed the family was enlarging, so by the time their daughters Elena and Marta where growing it was time to go big, beginning the adventure we now know as Al Piccolo Bio Hotel 3*S Vigo di Fassa. The old Piccolo Hotel began its activity in the summer of ’68, where a young family was putting the heart into an exquisite adventure for the guests. Nonna Erminia rules the kitchen with great passion and Nonno Gianni was the master of the house.

When the 80’s took place so did our mum Elena, joining the family business, gettin to a new generation with the 90’s when our dad Gianpaolo joined the team, getting ready for the new millennial, with two kids by their side.

By 2002 the hotel changed to its latest look, back then we set our focus upon Geo-Bio Philosophy.

That’s way us, Anna and Marco, the youngest generation of the hotel, will create a perfect harmony for your Italian Homemade Holiday on the Dolomites.

See you soon…

Fam. Buganza & Barbacetto

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